Monday, November 24, 2014
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Welcome to Just Dance!

Just Dance Orkney offers a wide variety of classes for all abilities and ages from 3 years and over. Classical ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap and Jazz classes plus much more are available on a weekly basis at our new studio in Kirkwall.

Whatever your age or ability, Just Dance has something for you!

For full list of classes available please view our timetable, adult classes or children's classes pages.

TERM 2 - Commencing Monday 27th October.

Welcome to Just Dance, Orkney


Term 1 will break for the October holidays on Saturday 11th.  Term 2 will comence from Monday 27th Oct for 8 weeks.  We will close for the Christmas holidays on Saturday 20th December.

Classes for term 1 and 2 will be covered by our new teacher Miss Catherine Farrer. Catherine is a new graduate from Dance For All, Edinburgh and is one of Just Dance's pupils to have gone on to study dance professionally.  She is delighted to be returning home to teach you all!


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